Tuesday, 13 March 2018

What is the Importance of Skin?

Do you know which organ in the human body is the largest? It guards our body against environmental issues, regulates the body temperature and does a lot more to safeguard the entire body. It's the skin! Skin plays a vital role in an individual's life as it insulates the body from outer surroundings and binds the body's processes together.

Why Should You Take Care of Your Skin?

·         Skin is a Guard- Our skin performs a vital role in offering protection to internal systems from outside hazards live UV radiations and germs. Our skin contains acid mantle which prevents outside bacteria from attacking the skin and causing infections. When sin does a lot to you which you may not even know, then why not follow a habit of keeping it dirt and oil free. Use cleansers and moisturizers to keep skin clean.

·         Skin is Like a Sponge- You must be knowing that our skin is composed of several layers. Its outer layer is designed naturally as such that it repels water and absorbs oily substances through its pores. Apart from oil, there are other substances as well which can penetrate into the body through skin cells, hence, ensure that the skin products you apply are composed of elements which are safe for your skin for absorption. Plant-based antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property-based products are considered safe to use.

·         Skin in Like a Raincoat- The cells in our skin demand water, however, if the skin's surface isn't waterproof, then all the water contained in the skin will eventually evaporate and cause the cells to die. To prevent this damage, it is advisable to apply body oil just after the shower because at this time the skin is damp and is in the best state to seal moisture into the skin.

·         Skin is Like Manufacturing Plant- Our skin synthesizes chemicals, and due to this reason, the cells in our skin keep regenerating and repairing. It also possesses the capability of converting sunlight into Vitamin D. Thus, choose skin care products wisely which can stimulate skin cell renewal.

·         Skin Controls Body Temperature- When the temperature in our body rises, skin boosts blood flow and causes sweating to cool down the internal systems. On the other hand, when our body's temperature reduces, skin decreases the diameter of blood vessels and reduces blood flow to retain body heat.

Cool & Cool is an e-commerce website which sells skin care products online at economical prices. If you want to buybest skin care products online in Dubai, then prefer none less than Cool & Cool.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness for HR Employees

Good health is the most magnificent benediction of life. A person with good health does not shrink his duties and keeps his industrial productivity high. Investing in your employee's health will only add benefits to your business. Identify health issues of your employees with Spotcheck's automated non-invasive health assessment device. We conduct corporate wellness programs in Dubai by leveraging customized wellness solutions.

Let's understand the benefits of this program for HR employees:

Enhances Productivity

 Our wellness program incorporates activities like exercising and eating to make employees energized and motivated. Our survey reveals that sans these activities employees felt lethargic and burned out. Hence, nutrition and exercises are vital to balance the state of mind and keep productivity high in turn.

Reduced Elevated Health Risks

At Spotcheck we use cutting-edge technology to help employees connect with life coaches and experts through a mobile application. This establishment keeps a track on your employee's unhealthy habits and helps them revive risks. Unhealthy diets and less physical activity leads to increased cholesterol, increased blood glucose, high blood pressure and hence, these all affect productivity.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

At Spotcheck, we also monitor the financial impact of the wellness program. So far, our studies prove that the graph of healthcare costs of those employees who regularly attend wellness programs and follow the suggested guidelines tend to bend after a particular period. Hence, doing up healthy activities reduce healthcare costs.

Reduced Absenteeism

Our wellness program covers activities like good health behavior, stress management, healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and obesity control. A study released by American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine states that these parameters significantly influence absenteeism of employees at the workplace.

Employee Retention

There are lot many factors which influence a person to accept a new job offer or continue with the current job. The corporate wellness program is one such factor. It is a rich benefit which an employee earns from the organization and empowers a sense of responsibility. A study released by Virgin HealthMiles/Workforce states that 87 percent employees consider offers with health and wellness benefits when choosing an employer.

Our specialized products and experienced health coaches are the strong pillars of corporate wellness programs in Dubai. For instance, our mobile app/web portal lets employees update their latest lab reports, start an interactive health-related questionnaire with our expert coaches, fulfill wellness program incentives and much more. We believe that continuity provides tangible benefits and our programs are designed similarly to keep a continuous track on the health of your employees.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Best Hair Care Products for Men in UAE

While you stroll in the supermarket aisles to purchase the best hair care products for you, you hunt for the one which best suits your hair in one go. No experiments! It is a common jargon used by people when it comes to purchasing hair products.

What are the Benefits of Hair Care Products?

Quality- Professional hair care products are specially formulated to deliver specific results. Some products of the same brand can be formulated with similar ingredients; however, the concentration of their chemical formula may differ. These products are thoroughly tested and approved by authorities. Hence, chances of hair damage are low irrespective the type of your hair.

Customization- Professional products are formulated for specific hair types. The concentration of their formula differentiates their specialty. Experts recommend using only those hair products which have been formulated for your hair type; else using mix and match products can damage your hair. If you are not sure of the quality of your hairs and its type, then consider seeking consultation from a hair expert before you purchase any random product or jump in for experimentation.

Which are Best Hair Care Products for Men?

Styling Gel products have been manufactured with fat-free formula. It is easy to wash them out and is suitable for all types of hair. Using these products will make the roots of your hair healthy while maintaining smoothness. A good factor about these products is that it these leave hair not sticky. You can style your hair easily because your hairs become more flexible now than before. The following are top hair care products:

·         Styling Gel Wet Look 150ml
·         Styling Gel Ultra Strong 150ml
·         Styling Gel Extra Strong 150ml
·         Styling Wax Extra Hold 75ml
·         Styling Cream Extra Hold 150ml

Unlike old products, today's hair care products do a lot more than cleaning and conditioning. Their formulations have become complex, and these contain multiple innovative base elements. All these ingredients work together to maintain the health of hair and make them flexible smooth for styling. The advantages of these products depend largely on the characteristics of their base elements used.

For men, one of the best hair care products is manufactured by Cool & Cool. It is a leading international FMCG brand and is regarded as trustworthy and reliable by its customers. It also deals with wide range of high-quality products including skin care, mother & babycare, personal care, detergents, wipes, and paper.

Seven Facts About Teeth Whitening Procedure

How Does the Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Work?

Dentists use a particular kind of toothpaste while accomplishing teeth whitening procedure on a patient. This toothpaste is composed of chemicals which target the teeth stains and eventually breaks them down. When teeth whitening is carried out at home, then the toothpaste is used for around two to six weeks until teeth appear white. You must have observed toothpaste brands claiming white teeth, the substance which is responsible for turning teeth white is known as blue covarine. It is chemical which alters the appearance of teeth's color by creating a thin film on them.

Teeth Have Pores Which Absorb Stains

You may not be able to figure out teeth pores with naked eyes, but, yes, they do exist naturally. These pores absorb color from the food we eat like coffee, soda, etc. With the course of time, these stains start darkening up, and the only way to treat them is using a prescribed tooth whitening gel. This gel fights with stains and pulls them out from the pores leaving a white impression behind.

Custom Whitening Trays Complement Teeth Whitening Procedure

Your dentist may use custom whitening tray while your teeth whitening procedure. It ensures that the whitening agent gets spread evenly across every tooth.

Teeth Whitening Procedure Causes Sensitivity in Teeth

Dentists agree to the fact that after teeth whitening sitting, the patient may feel sensitivity in teeth. It is because teeth become dehydrated and it is said to last for around 36 hours. Some dental practitioners suggest post-whitening fluoride treatment as a temporary cure for sensitivity.

Stain Removal Takes Time

For the final results to be apparent, you may need to undertake multiple sittings of teeth whitening procedure. The reason being, it takes time for the whitening agent to penetrate through the tooth and break down stains. If stains are intense, then it may require more sittings than usual.

Whiten Your Teeth Before Going to Bed

After the whitening procedure, the pores in teeth start opening up, inviting room for new elements, hence, it is advisable to undergo this treatment just before you go to sleep. This activity will prevent teeth pores getting exposed to eatables and form new stains. Also, your teeth will naturally gain benefits of rehydration and remineralization.

If you want to undergo teeth cleaning procedure in Dubai, then prefer consulting none less than the experienced dentists of LooksWow Dental Clinic and Teeth Whitening Spa. They use best standards in sterilizations and latest technology features. For more details book an appointment now.

Do's and Don'ts for Attaining Hollywood Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry is one of the most popular types of dentistry in the world. It is elective in choice and deals with improvising the aesthetics of the patient's face. Your teeth qualify to be beautiful if they are harmonious in proportion, color, texture, and formation. A smile conforms to beauty if it is perceived aesthetically and smile elements are appropriately integrated. Hollywood smile is a trending cosmetic procedure of working on each ill factor of teeth to enhance their appearance and structural formation. Some dentistry procedures are performed under Hollywood Smile treatment as per unappealing aesthetic areas.

The Do's

Hollywood smile cannot be achieved in just a few nights; it requires strict adherence to rules. When these rules fail to form pearl white shining teeth, dental procedures are necessary to treat the ill effects medically. If you follow the following rules regularly, then you can master Hollywood smile:

·         Use the Right Toothpaste- It's important to check the ingredients of toothpaste before you buy it. The reason is there are a few ingredients in some toothpaste which are fewer health others. Try using prescribed toothpaste to not land in an ugly situation.

·         Visit a Dentist Regularly- Medical fraternity always suggests that even if nothing is wrong with your teeth, do get your teeth screened at regular intervals from your dentist. This way you can track the internal happenings of your tooth and can eradicate the evil causes pre-hand before they try to submerge the jaws.

·         Brush and Floss Regularly- It is crucial to maintaining oral hygiene for a lot of reasons and brushing and flossing are essential activities that can help you in achieving white teeth goals. By brushing and flossing twice a day in ‘right manner' allows you to protect your teeth from cavities, decay, and stains.

The Don'ts

There are many activities which you should not do to your teeth because those can hamper your teeth and oral health. Don't do the following to prevent your smile:

·         Don't Chew Your Nails- This habit can make your teeth crackdown and eventually get damaged. Though, this is a typical problem, however, can be worked upon to maintain the beauty of your teeth and nails.

·         Avoid Drinking Tea, Coffee, or Soda- These drinks are sugary and can ruin the color and structural integrity of your teeth. It is a wide known fact that coffee stains teeth and its frequent use should be avoided.

If you want to undergo Hollywood smile dental procedure, then consult the experienced dentists of Same Day Dental Care. They offer personalized care and are known for delivering successful results.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

What Types of Baby Skin Care Products Should You Use?

A baby gets the most extra sensitive skin; hence, its proper care is essential.  According to Bruce Brod, MD, a dermatologist in Philadelphia, ‘Babies' skin is thinner and more prone to irritation, but it's very resilient.' Just follow expert's guidelines while you pamper your baby and protect his/her skin from the harmful environment outside. Baby product companies ease your task by manufacturing skin care products which are best suited for your baby's sensitive skin. The following skin care products are your need if you are a new mother:

·         Cotton Balls- Use cotton balls in the initial few weeks after your baby's birth to clean his/her body. These are the gentlest products to clean your newborn's body by dipping a cotton ball in mild water and then using it for cleaning.

·         Baby Oil- Doctors suggest using baby oil to get rid of the cradle cap. It is condition wherein the scalp becomes crusty but harmless. Also using baby oil to clean poop is an excellent method of avoiding rashes.

·         Baby Wipes- When your baby grows a couple of weeks older you need to switch from cotton balls to baby wipes for cleaning. Choose the wipes which are hypoallergenic and free from alcohol & fragrance. You can also use wipes for hand washing on the go and for cleaning leaky diaper spills, spits on clothes, etc. Companies have even started manufacturing reusable cloth diaper wipes to promote environmental friendliness and to protect baby's skin from allergic brands.

·         Baby Soap or Bath Liquid- It is said that the shorter the ingredients, the better will be the baby soap. Avoid purchasing baby soap with too many components and fragrance causing materials. Gentle baby soap is the best one which you require for your newborn.

·         Baby Shampoo- Babies do not keep their eyes closed when they are being bathed; hence buy shampoo which has been manufactured with tear-free formula.

If you want to buy skin care products for your newborn that have been specifically manufactured for babies, then consider ordering products from Cool & Cool. It is an online store which has a wide range of baby skin care products including safe buds, baby oil, baby powder, nappy rash cream, baby cologne, baby foaming soap, baby bath, liquid soap, nappy bags, baby mist, baby foaming soap, baby milk lotion, baby shampoo and baby washing gel. They have received huge acclaims from their customers who bought baby skin care products in Dubai from them.

Monday, 5 March 2018

What is the Difference Between Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics and gynecology are medical terms which are related to the science of female problems and issues related their reproductive system. A layperson would confuse the meanings of these two terms for each other. But these sciences are different in many orders. Some female specialist doctors mention ‘obstetrician/gynecologist' as their specialty because the same doctor can study the two sciences together. If you are a woman and facing issues with your reproductive system or are pregnant, then consult only a certified and experienced OB/GYN (obstetrician/gynecologist).

An OB specializes in pregnancy, baby delivery and post-natal care of the mother and the child. These doctors govern the entire pregnancy period of the mother and ensure that the fetus is in the best condition. Any complications or emergencies are addressed by an obstetrician, and they keep a regular check on the fetus until its delivered. On the contrary, a gynecologist deals with problems related to the female reproductive system. Organs like uterus, vagina, fallopian tubes, ovary system, etc. are primary female organs and any issues with these parts are seen by a gynecologist.

A GYN specializes in rectifying issues from puberty to menopause sans pregnancy. Also, these doctors are proficient in dealing with problems of the urinary system, bowel, and bladder. An OB doctor does not handle the treatment of diseases and only governs the pregnancy period. For example, if a patient is suffering from some vaginal illness, then she has to consult a GYN and not the OB. A gynecologist stays in the picture until pregnancy is confirmed, after that the case gets transferred to an OB. She may turn back to see a GYN if she needs no more pregnancies and requires tubal litigation.

A GYN can perform the duties of an OB. However, its vice-versa has limitations. A female specialist doctor may be a certified consultant of both the branches. These medical disciplines tech same education in initial years before they split their curriculum to specific subject areas. Consult a GYN if you are suffering from menstrual problems and try not to get your case handled by multiple doctors to prevent any distortions.

Obstetrical Services San Antonio

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