Thursday, 10 May 2018

Baby Wipes- A Soft Solution to Your Baby's Cleaning

Newborn babies are happy eating, pooping and sleeping for the first few months. The cycle repeats after every some time and to mothers it may seem endless. It interprets into seven to eight diaper changes per day. And with every diaper change pitches in baby wipes. Because of their expediency baby wipes are used not only down there but also on the face and rest other body parts. However, amidst this many mothers have a question- are baby wipes safe to use?

The two major parameters of concern with baby wipes include irritancy and contact allergy. Since a baby's skin is sensitive and delicate, it may be prone to irritation due to regular use of wipes. But, experts have a tip to the use of wipes- make a habit of applying ointment after every diaper change. Baby ointment acts as a barrier against the elements of pee and poop. It also softens the baby's skin. Expert pediatricians and dermatologists recommend the use of wipes on newborn's skin. In traditional times rough cloth or towel was used prominently in cleaning baby poop. However, it was messy to wash that dirty piece and use it again. Moreover, one could not ignore the chances of having rashes or infection. Baby wipes have significantly overcome these shortcomings and have leveraged ease in cleaning.

How does baby wipes cause contact allergy?

Sometimes parents complain of contact allergy in their child due to regular use of wipes. The problem is not the use of wipes. However, it is some ingredient which is not soothing your baby's skin. Repetitive exposure to that specific ingredient is the culprit of contact allergy. This ingredient may happen to be some preservative which has been added to the wipes to prevent it from mols, bacteria, and fungus. A study released in the year 2014 informed that the common cause of contact allergy in children using baby wipes turned out to be a preservative named methylisothiazolinone (MI). Stay attentive in knowing how your baby's body is reacting to outside elements and chemicals and whether you should use them or not. Additionally, it is important to quote that not all baby wipes cause allergies and when used gently these are perfect for your baby's cleaning.

Baby Wipes Online

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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Facts You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening Procedure

What is Teeth Whitening Toothpaste?

During your teeth whitening treatment session your dentist will use a special type of toothpaste to break down the teeth stains. You can also carry out this treatment by yourself at home. However, it takes around two to six weeks for the results to become apparent. These types of toothpaste contain a special substance known as blue covarine. This substance is responsible for breaking down stains and turning teeth to the original white color. Covarine creates a thin film on the teeth due to which they start appearing white.

Why Do Teeth Turn Yellow?

Just like our cheeks, our teeth also contain pores which are not visible from naked eyes. When we drink beverages like coffee, soda or eat foods like pomegranate, these pores absorb their color, and we start seeing the stains. With regular use of these foods, the stains start darkening up and the ultimate solution to remove these is to use a prescribed tooth whitening gel. This gel is effective in fighting these stains and turning the color of teeth back to natural white.

What is Custom Whitening Tray?

Dentists use a custom whitening tray during the teeth whitening procedure to evenly spread the whitening gel across every tooth.

Does Teeth Whitening Procedure Cause Sensitivity?

If you feel sensitivity in teeth after the whitening procedure, then it is an expected discomfort. It happens because during the procedure your teeth become dehydrates. Expert dentists suggest that the sensitivity usually lasts for 36 hours max. In cases where teeth sensitivity becomes unbearable dentists suggest post-whitening fluoride treatment as a temporary cure.

How Long Does It Take to Remove Stains?

If you have extreme stains on your teeth, then you may need multiple sessions of the whitening procedure. It is difficult to attain white teeth in one go because it takes time for the teeth to absorb the whitening agent.

When is the Best Time to Get Whitening Done?

The pores of the teeth start opening up after whitening procedure. It means the foods which you eat after the procedure are likely to cause stains again. Hence, it is advisable to undertake the treatment just before you go to sleep. Also, your teeth will get rehydration and remineralization benefits during this time.

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What to Expect During an Ob-Gyn Visit?

A gynecologist specializes in a woman's reproductive health while an obstetrician specializes in the pre and post-natal care of females with expert knowledge of baby delivery. An OB/GYN is a master in both disciplines- gynecology and obstetrics. He/she is proficient in dealing with the issues of a woman's reproductive organs and on the same hand can skilfully do a baby delivery while handling the entire pregnancy. These doctors are a maestro of female issues like menopause, birth control, childbirth, pregnancy, pelvic examination, treatment of infections, cancer, urinary tract problems, etc.
Since the doctor deals with issues related to female reproductive problems, you may be required to expose your private parts for examination. You need not feel nervous and embarrassed as these screenings are an everyday activity for them, and they have been specially trained in this subject. Females do get reluctant in discussing issues related to their reproductive parts or showing the parts up for pelvic examination but stay assured as these doctors focus on their subject and rest everything is noise to them.

What Happens During Ob-Gyn Visits?

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) suggests that parents should start seeing an OB/GYN since the time their girl child turns thirteen or girls should see the doctor when they become sexually active. Great news here is that teens are usually not examined down there until they suffer any problem. During your visit, the doctor will start with doing your general check-up which includes blood pressure test, weight screening, urine test or blood test (if required). After this, the doctor will conduct your physical exam in which he/she will test your vaginal area for infections or abnormalities. If required, the doctor will also examine your internal reproductive organs like fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, and cervix. You may feel some pressure, but, need not worry because that is a part of the examination. Once done the doctor will prescribe a solution for you and you are done.

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Sunday, 15 April 2018

What Causes Teeth Discoloration?

Have your teeth turned yellow? If so, then there no strange fact because it happens with aging or due to oral health. A study suggests that approx. 38% of the world's population has pale or yellow teeth, and because of this, they restrict themselves from taking pictures. Our teeth start discoloring with age because of the food items we eat and drink like tea, coffee, soda, and wine (occasionally). Dentistry science has invented a method known as teeth whitening to restore the natural color of the teeth. It is one of the most followed dental procedures. The professional teeth whitening leverages white and shining teeth and contribute to building confidence.

Reason Behind Teeth Turning Yellow

It is an understood fact that aging causes discolored teeth. But, some people start facing tooth discoloration problems in their early adulthood or before their 50s. When the light transmitting capabilities of the enamel and dentin get affected intrinsic stains on the teeth, start showing up. Dentists suggest that if children below eight years of age are given tetracycline and doxycycline, then their teeth start turning yellow. It is because eight years of age gets teeth which are still developing. In adults as well there's a substance called as chlorhexidine which causes discoloration problems. Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic which is used in the treatment of gingivitis. Apart from these substances, drugs like albuterol, antihistamines and minocycline and procedures of blood pressure and chemotherapy also cause yellow teeth.

Experts suggest that Flouride also hampers the color of teeth. Other elements like amalgam restorations (silver fillings), dark color foods like blueberries, pomegranates, grapes, dark sauces, and beverages like wine also hold the potential power of staining teeth. If you have yellow teeth, then avoid acidic foods and drinks because these erode the tooth enamel.

What to Expect After a Teeth Whitening Procedure?

After an in-office teeth whitening procedure, you may suffer sensitivity for a day. If the sensitivity becomes unbearable, then you can take the prescribed pain reliever. Some people also experience soft tissue irritation after the procedure because of the whitening solution that has been applied to your gums.

If you want to undergo a professional teeth whitening procedure in Dubai, then consult the dentists of LooksWoow Clinic and Teeth Whitening Spa. The best teeth cleaning in Dubai is done at LooksWoow with personalized care. If you want o to learn more about the teeth whitening procedure, then book an appointment now!

Why Should Employers Conduct Wellness Programs?

The recipe for a successful business is simple- its employees must be fit and healthy. This is because an unhealthy employee will account for frequent absences and presenteeism. In today's workforce employees juggle to complete the requirements put forward by the company while neglecting their health. Less or no exercises, improper eating, anytime eating, sedentary work requirements, etc. leave them overwhelmed and stressed. Ultimately this accounts to doctor visits and the employer's high medical insurance costs. If you want to keep the medical insurance costs of your employees, then create a healthy workplace environment by conducting wellness programs on the periodic basis. If your employees stay healthy, then the productivity will be more, and with their support, you'll add dollars to your bank account.

Comparatively the costs incurred by wellness programs is turn out to be low than the costs of their medical bills. This is the reason why experts suggest workplace wellness as the best solution. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services conducted a survey in which they discovered that in organizations approx. 50% employees suffer high cholesterol problems, 27% suffer cardiovascular problems, 26% are overweight, and 24% suffer high blood pressure. Aren't these statistics worrying?

Benefits of Employee Wellness Program

Corporate wellness programs allow you to assess the health of your employees and provide them solutions to keep them in best of their health. The common benefits of an employee wellness program are:
·         It reduces workplace stress
·         It helps employees to improve their mental and physical health.
·         It makes them physically active.
·         It makes them aware of what's going inside their body through their body composition levels.
·         It reduces their absenteeism levels.
·         It enhances their trust towards the employer.
·         It builds up their motivation levels.
·         It allows employees to take some time to focus on their health as well amidst work.

Wellness Medical Center in Dubai

To conduct employee wellness program in your company, connect with the experts of Spotcheck. They provide customized wellness solutions by accessing each employee's body through their exclusive body assessment chair. The chair is the world's first noninvasive health assessment device, and it measures 30 factors of the body in eight minutes without even pinching. The factors include BMI, body mass composition, blood pressure, fat levels, BP rate, pulse rate, hydration levels, total lean mass, BMR, weight, etc. For more details call them now.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

All You Need to Know About Orthodontist

Do you have tooth or jaws improperly positioned? Or, do you have crooked teeth? If so, then you must immediately see an experienced orthodontist. According to experts, it is difficult to clean crooked teeth or teeth with a gap and hence, it creates a room for dental problems like tooth decay and periodontal diseases. Patients with these diseases lay extra stress on chewing muscles and end up suffering from headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain and TMJ syndrome. Undoubtedly, you smile also gets affected, and you start feeling embarrassed during public appearances. Orthodontic treatment is a solution to these problems because these lead to healthier mouth, string teeth, and pleasing appearance.

How to Know If I Need to See an Orthodontic?

Your dentist can better determine if you need specialized care. The parameters in the decision include a clinical exam, dental health history, X-ray report, and photographs. If you bear from any of the following conditions, then you are a candidate for orthodontic treatment:

·         Overbite- It is also known as ‘buck teeth' wherein the upper front teeth stick out over the lower teeth.

·         Underbite- It forms a bulldog appearance wherein the lower teeth lie too far forward from the upper teeth.

·         Crossbite- It refrains the upper teeth to come down slightly in front of the lower teeth.

·         Open bite- It is the space between the biting surfaces of the side teeth and the front teeth when the back teeth meet.

·         Misplaced Midline- It misaligns the center of the upper teeth from the center of the lower front teeth.

·         Spacing- Gaps between the teeth due to missing teeth or teeth that do not fill up the mouth.

·         Crowding- There are too many teeth in comparison to the spacing capacity of the jaws.

What Does Orthodontic Treatment Include?

According to your oral condition, your doctor will use appliances to improve the aesthetics of your teeth and face. The objective of these appliances is to align the specific teeth by applying gentle pressure on the teeth and jaws. There are two categories of these appliances:

Fixed Appliances:

·         Braces- These consist of bands, wires, and brackets.

·         Special Fixed Appliances- These are used to control tongue thrusting or thumb sucking habits.

·         Fixed Space Maintainers- If a baby tooth is lost prematurely; these maintainers are used to keep the space open until the new permanent tooth erupts.

Removable Appliances:

·         Aligners
·         Removable Space Maintainers
·         Jaw Repositioning Appliances
·         Lip and Cheek Bumpers
·         Palatal Expander
·         Removable Retainers
·         Headgear

In Dubai dentist who is well known for their work can be consulted at Lookswoow Dental Clinic and Teeth Whitening Spa. It is a multi-specialty clinic serving general dentistry, Implantology, periodontics, endodontics, prosthodontics, and orthodontics. For more details book an appointment now.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

What to Do and What Not After Dental Implant

Have a got a dental implant done recently? If so, then your dentist must have suggested you some habits to follow to contribute to the easy recovery of the impacted tooth. If you take necessary measures, then medications and natural healing will get well assisted. Take care of the following habits to recover well from your implant job:

Recovery- To maintain oral hygiene ask your doctor if you can brush your teeth regularly. In majority cases it is permissible to brush teeth post-implant job, but gently. Also, cleaning teeth with regular water may cause bleeding, hence, avoid it for some days until the implant has recovered completely. Currently, you can use salt water to clean your teeth. Rinse your teeth thoroughly with salt water to give your teeth additional benefits of salt. Repeat this activity twice or thrice a day starting after 24 hrs of the surgery. It is important to note that this activity makes cause some discomfort initially, but, it will normalize gradually. Do not mistreat your jaws because it may affect the new tooth. Follow your prescription sincerely and do not miss any of your scheduled visits to the dentist. Connect with your dentist immediately if you feel any discomfort for which your dentist hasn't given any solution.

Lifestyle- Eating hygiene habits ply a significant role in deciding the life of your teeth. Usually, people undergo a dental implant procedure when their oral habits have ruined their one or more tooth. If you still stick to same old practices which led to damage of your original tooth, then you will have to suffer more implants. And this won't add any benefits to your overall health; instead, cause illness in other parts of the body. It is strictly advisable to prohibit the use of tobacco, extensive sugar intake or any other eatables which can impact your teeth's health.

Dental Hygiene- It is mandatory to see your dentist at regular intervals. If you fail to maintain good hygiene, then your dentist can instruct you better and control the situation.

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